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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Simulation - Based Engineering Science

by Ken P. Chong, National Science Foundation

The Engineering Directorate of the National Science Foundation commissioned a blue-ribbon panel of experts, chaired by J. Tinsley Oden of University of Texas - Austin, to produce a report on Simulation-Based Engineering Science. The final released report is now available

Other members of the panel included Ted Belytschko, Jacob Fish, Thomas J.R. Hughes, Chris Johnson, David Keyes, Alan Laub, Linda Petzold, David Srolovitz, and Sidney Yip.

The report contains findings and recommendations to advance the discipline of Simulation-Based Engineering Science. The report discusses applications of computational simulation in several different areas, such as medicine, homeland security, the environment, materials, and industrial and defense applications.

Research opportunities are described in areas like multiscale modeling and simulation, verification and validation, uncertainty quantification, and data-driven simulations. NSF coordinator and contact is Ken P. Chong.


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