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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Introducing Applied Mechanics News

We cordially invite you to explore Applied Mechanics News (AMN), a blog of news and views of interest to the international community of Applied Mechanics, and its sister blogs listed in the sidebar.

We hate email spam just as you do. To avoid sending many mass emails in future, we and others will use AMN to make many announcements. So please bookmark AMN, and check regularly.

Or even better, you may want to get our RSS feed using a start page, considered by many the most effective way to read news online.

AMN was initiated by volunteers in the Applied Mechanics Division, of American Society of Mechanical Engineers. However, Applied Mechanics is practiced in many organizations all over the world. Few issues of Applied Mechanics are confined within a particular organization or a particular country. The Internet enables AMN to be international and inter-organizational.

AMN is maintained by volunteers in the international community of Applied Mechanics. Everyone is welcome to participate. You can choose to participate in any number of ways:
  • Bookmark AMN and read it regularly.
  • Get our RSS feeds by using a start page.
  • Leave comments at the bottom of any entry that interests you.
  • Recommend AMN to others.
  • Suggest an entry to a contributor listed in the sidebar.
  • Ask to be a contributor to the Applied Mechanics Blogs.
  • Nominate someone from your organization to be a contributor of AMN.
  • Ask us to place a link in the sidebar of AMN to your organization, and vice versa.
  • Post entries in the Applied Mechanics Discussion Group.
Best wishes to you all.

Executive Committee of the ASME International Applied Mechanics Division
Wing-Kam Liu, Chair,
Tom Farris, Vice Chair
Krishnaswa Ravi-Chandar, Program Chair
Dan Inman, Program Vice Chair
Zhigang Suo, Secretary



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