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Sunday, June 11, 2006

2007: the 80th Anniversary of the Applied Mechanics Division

The ASME International Applied Mechanics Division was founded in 1927. As the 2007 Program Chair of the Division, I cordially invite you to suggest ideas to mark the 80th Anniversary of the Division.

In 1977, the Division celebrated the 50th Anniversary with a program of two presentations:
  • A historical review by P.M. Naghdi, of Berkeley
  • An overview of the formative years of the Division by J.P. Den Hartog, of MIT
The presentations were followed by a reception. Naghdi later published a well illustrated verstion of his review [Journal of Applied Mechanics 46, 721-748 (1979)].

Incidentally, I've just created an entry in Wikipedia on the Applied Mechanics Division. You are welcome to edit, expand, and hyperlink.


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