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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Statistics of Applied Mechanics News and its sister blogs

Applied Mechanics News (AMN) was launched on Sunday, 8 January 2006, with an entry about Kyung-Suk Kim winning the Ho-Am Prize. After some initial experiments, we soon settled with four sister blogs: AMN, Applied Mechanics Research and Researchers (AMR), Applied Mechanics Conferences (AMC), and Applied Mechanics Jobs (AMJ). Today these blogs contain the following numbers of entries: AMN (51), AMR (59), AMC (39), AMJ (18). Let us hope that the last two numbers are merely accidental, and do not imply that our community has more conferences than jobs.

There is no need to memorize the web address of AMN. All you need to do is to type Applied Mechanics News into the box of a search engine and hit return. AMN appears as the first result on all three popular search engines: Google, Yahoo, and MSN. (Click these links, and you will find that the three search engines differ about the second result.)

In late January, we installed StatCounter, a free software that tracks statistics of websites. The numbers of unique visitors each week for the past 8 weeks (starting from the most recent week) are as follows.
  • AMN: 715, 1013, 339, 341, 294, 211, 217, 316.
  • AMR: 430, 507, 277, 220, 190, 166, 182, 285.
  • AMC: 82, 121, 66, 35, 38, 35, 39, 53.
  • AMJ: 122, 125, 60, 71, 73, 51, 45, 61.
In the morning of Wednesday, 15 March 2006, the Executive Committee of the ASME Applied Mechanics Division sent an email to invite the members of the Division to explore AMN and its sister blogs. This email led to a spike in activities, as seen from the daily page loads of that week: Sunday (69), Monday (109), Tuesday (136), Wednesday (924), Thursday (453), Friday (294), Saturday (179).

Although we cannot send mass emails to invite people outside the Applied Mechanics Division, these blogs are for everyone in the international community of Applied Mechanics. As discussed in a previous entry, AMN is a platform to explore new ways for members in a mid-sized community like ours to communicate with each other. Each one of us in the community is part of this experiment, and can participate in many ways. If you have an experimental idea, please let us know.


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