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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Second Meeting of the "Thin-Air Philosophical Society"

In August of 2005, we organized a workshop on “Current Challenges in Mechanics and Materials” at the University of Wyoming. The workshop was supported by NSF and the University of Wyoming.

Under the title “Current Challenges in Mechanics of Materials,” the four-day workshop included four major themes, one for each day. These were (a) Current Issues in Mechanics and Materials, (b) Computational Issues in Mechanics and Materials, (c) Mechanics and Materials in the Bio-World, and (d) Review and Discussion.

The workshop was attended by more than thirty participants. All the presentations can be found here. This file includes the final workshop schedule, the technical report compiled after the end of the workshop, and the list of registered participants.


  • Sounds like an interesting workshop. Any hints on why it was named "Thin-Air Philosophical Society"?


    By Blogger Rui Huang, at 1/15/2006 1:59 PM  

  • When I was at ASU, we used to get together as a "desert philosophical society" (DPS) to discuss matters of importance...
    Moving to Wyoming led to a new society, constistent with the Laramie 2,750 feet of elevation.
    "Thin-Air Philosophical Society" (TAPS) seemed appropriate. There you have it!

    By Blogger Demitris Kouris, at 1/17/2006 6:48 AM  

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