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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mechanics of Biological and Biomimetic Materials at Small Length-Scales

A special focus issue on small-scale biomechanics has just been published as the August, 2006 issue (Volume 21, No. 8) of the Journal of Materials Reseach. The issue contains three invited review papers:

"Mechanical response of human red blood cells in health and disease: Some structure-property-function relationships" by S. Suresh

"Fracture, aging, and disease in bone" by J.W. Ager, G. Balooch, R.O. Ritchie

"Nanoindentation: Application to dental hard tissue investigations" by L. Angker, M.V. Swain

The issue also contains a wide variety of contributed articles examing a wide range of materials and using a broad range of experimental and modeling techniques. Guest editors for the issue were Andy Bushby, Adrian Mann, Christine Ortiz and Michelle Oyen.


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