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Friday, July 07, 2006

AMD Newsletter on new Biomechanics TC

The Applied Mechanics Division of ASME has recently established a new Technical Committee (TC) on Mechanics in Biology and Medicine.

Recent advances in cell and molecular biology and biotechnology have increased the need to study mechanics as related to biology and medicine. The behavior of cells and tissues as complex biological systems results from integrated and regulated interactions among many components such as receptor-ligand binding, signal transduction pathways, the cell cytoskeleton, extracellular matrix, gene expression, and protein production.

Mechanical forces and deformations may play an important role in all these aspects, and in regulating cell behavior and function including cell proliferation, differentiation, and death (apoptosis). Furthermore, mechanical analyses can provide useful tools for modeling and quantitative prediction of these biological responses. To understand mechanics issues at the cellular level, it is necessary to analyze specific force-bearing, force-generating, and force-sensing elements in cells. In addition, we need to better understand the mechanisms of mechanochemical coupling and how mechanical forces regulate cell behavior and function. Mechanical forces are also involved in many disease processes such as cardiovascular disease.

All these present a unique opportunity to mechanicians. This new TC aims to bring together mechanicians who are, or are interested in, conducting research in biomechanics and bioengineering, to identify critical issues and challenges in developing the field of Mechanics of Biology and Medicine, and to exchange experiences, ideas, and approaches.

The new TC will organize symposia on the Mechanics in Biology and Medicine for the 2007 Summer Applied Mechanics Conference and the 2007 IMECE Congress. I would welcome the participation of the applied mechanics community in the activities of this new TC, and appreciate your suggestions, support and help.

Gang Bao
AMD Technical Committee on Mechanics in Biology and Medicine


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